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Gigs by hosters

I will create simple php form( for your website with up to 7 fields like Name, Email, Phone, Subject and Message box.. Form info will be delivered to your Email and a thank you message display after summit has been click and then I can redirect to any url. I will send you a php code to insert in your website. It’s that easy. I can insert for you for 1 more gig purchase. (total 2 gigs if needed insert to web page.)

I will create a mobile app website for your business for $5.Today more than 85% of searches are done with a mobile device. I will design your mobile app site up to 3 pages for 1 gig.

Prior to our consultation I will have our team of professional seo experts and online marketing specialist put together a report. I only ask that you write down any question you may have concerning your site. This will help in making our 1 hour consultation productive for both of us. My administrant assistance will send you a link to schedule the time and date.

Text ads only. No images or HTML. You will receive emails from most of the ads placed. Your will also be able to renew your ads free. This is the only service on fiverr like this.

I will create legal papers for your web site for $5

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Net Marketing Plans we create the necessary legal documents for your web site including Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Copyright notice, Website disclaimer and optional Earnings Disclaimer. Without the correct legal documents Google can block you from advertising, Clickbank can remove your products from it’s market place and Facebook can suspend your Canvas apps and worst of all – your trust level can flop. Make sure you comply with Facebook,

I`ll give you my personal two very good traffic driving websites. The websites are adsense safe! There are no joining fees or on going fees. These two systems are unique, real humans going to your website. Invest and Buy this gig that will transform your websites into years and years of FREE Traffic. I get approx 20,000 people visiting my website just using these websites. Order now !