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Hey guys! Mitch here. I've been affiliate marketing for over 2yrs now. I am currently producing and distributing ebooks and video courses to help beginners and experienced folks find success at making money online. Keep an eye out for more stuff that I will be posting regularly. If I can answer any questions for you about affiliate marketing or be of any service, then just drop me an email at 1xwelderguy.info@gmail.com.

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Here are 2 more in a series of ebooks that I produce to help the beginner and experienced alike learn to make money online. In 'Doing Business On Facebook' all the chapters are interwoven to show straightforward marketing tools, tips and methods on how to get your business recognized and pumping cash a.s.a.p.! 'Tweetn' Your Way To Dollars' is a comprehensive guide revealing what Twitter really is to understanding it as a real money making tool.

These ebooks are in depth guides on how to first, advertise correctly for the best results on Craigslist and second, how to turn those advertisements into big profits. Have you ever wondered about advertising or actually tried to advertise on Craigslist? Did you ever imagine that you could make a ton of money doing so? Well there are thousands of people doing just that, & so can you w/ these two info packed books valued at 10x the $5 you'll pay.

These E-books are not some cheap rehashed junk, but are excellent guides to the best ways to make money online today. They are jam packed with useful information that can get you up and running within two days. The first one will reveal the best Legitimate Online Jobs with the 'do's and don'ts' of how to secure and develop these jobs to make you a great income from home. The second is a 48hr Action Plan to set up an affiliate marketing business.