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Writer at Hubpages, author of eBooks/books, ABRSM certified musician (guitar/piano/electronic), audio engineer for 5+ years, music programmer.

Gigs by GwentWebTech

I will digitally master your 10-track album professionally using a variety of advanced techniques including (but not limited to) click/pop removal, noise reduction, hiss reduction, sibilance softening, subharmonic reduction,dynamics processing, eq, width/stereo mastering and much more (my most professional service). Meta data and ISRC codes can also be included at no extra cost if you have them. To be delivered as high quality 320-Kbps MP3's.

ISRC codes and meta data are essential in order to track the distribution of digital audio files. I will attach/embed your ISRC code and meta data to your music file, ready for digital distribution (MP3 only). You will need to already have your ISRC code. Meta data consists of track name, artist, album, copyright year, etc.

I will electronically master your music EP professionally (up to 4 tracks, 6 minutes in length each) for $45 (approximately £30). This will involve processes such as noise/hiss reduction, sibilance softening, subharmonic removal, hum/rumble removal, eq, dynamics processing, width mastering and much more. Your master EP will be returned as high quality MP3's ready for digital distribution, with ISRC codes (if you have them) and meta data.

I will remove as much background noise as possible from your audio recording and adjust the volume of the remaining sound so it can be heard with clarity.

I will supply you with 7 royalty-free electronic music tracks in MP3 format which you can use as you like without having to pay royalties and without having to credit the artist (me!).

I will master your music track digitally for $30

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I will electronically master your music track to remove minor errors such as clicks/pops, background noise, hiss, microphone rumble, subharmonics, sibilance and more. I will then make your music track sound thicker, wider and more polished and professional on a wide range of music systems. I will provide you with 2 masters - one mastered for clarity and one mastered for smoothness.