About Us

GigDollars is a TeknoRhino Concept Group LLC Brand

GigDollars.com facilitates global mico job trend that brings together people with marketable skills with those who need them. GigDollars.com features a user-friendly interface where members can post jobs, called gigs, that they’re willing to do for up to $1000.

Micro working is basically freelancing on a much smaller scale. GigDollars.com allows people to make money online using a super simple business model. Basically, you offer to provide a service or perform a specific task, and people pay you a fixed price to do it for them. That’s it!

All you have to do is come up with a service or task — called a gig — and post your gig on the site. GigDollars.com takes care of the listing, notify you when you have a customer and look after payment. All you have to do is provide the service and make money.

GigDollars.com provides an efficient way for business owners to outsource small, one-time tasks that need to be done. There’s none of the hassle or expense of running an ad, then interviewing prospective employees. GigDollars.com is available all of the time. We also provide those will marketable skills a way to generate additional income. Sellers are only limited by their own creativity.